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Recurring rhythms 

2014: We meet again after 5 years

My College 5th year reunion essay

Rhythm! I am going to collect all the latent rhythms hidden in human society. The more basic the rhythm, the more applicable to people around the world. Assorted rhythms will not be packaged in wrappers like a stick of gum; I don’t want affected behaviors stopping people from tapping into their original being. People around the world who lack unconscious culture will enjoy my packaged rhythms. The template of using my product will be Feel, Enjoy and Live with it. No spitting required.”

Wrote I in my college application essay 10 years ago. I, oh-my-gosh, gasp at how much time has passed since then, and how old that makes me: 28! I, just like anyone else who must be filling in this page from different corners of the world right now (a few hours before the entry deadline, in true college style), miss my four years at Harvard. Sometimes, I feel like I have never really grown out of college. I must admit that I quite like it though.

Many things have happened to me, us, and those around us, since we returned our dorm room keys to the house offices, shedding some tears, on the last day of our collegiate existence. Being thrown into the world seemed unbelievably exciting at first. And it soon proved itself to be unbelievably hard at times. Jump, fall, frolic, and fall again. Repeat.

Looking back, however, I am incredibly grateful that my post-H journey has been that of searching for the latent rhythms within me—to connect myself to where I had come from, where I was in the summer of 09', and where I would like see myself in the next chapter of my life. Feeling ever more certain—and therefore, uncertain—about the significance of the unaffected rhythms I have discovered in myself and in others on my journey here, I joyfully embark on the next five years' pursuit of veritas, with purpose—and with love.

Where love is, there life is.

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