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Published work

Godart, F., Seong, S., & Phillips, D. (2020). The Sociology of Creativity: Elements, Structure, and Audiences. Annual Review of Sociology, 46:1 

Seong, S. & Godart, F. (2018)​. Semantic Strategies for Influencing the Influencers: Trading a Stock of Names for Higher Creativity Evaluations. Academy of Management Journal. 61(3): 966-993.

Seong, S. (2017). A Theory of Crowds in Time and Space: Explaining the Cognitive Foundations of a New Market. Research in the Sociology of Organizations, 50, 223-252.

*Selected as an Outstanding Author Contribution in the 2018 Emerald Literati Awards


Seong, S., Kim, Y., & Szulanski, G. (2015). Leadership, Innovation, and Strategic Change: A Conversation with Michael Tushman. Journal of Management Inquiry, 24(4), 370-381.


Godart, F. & Seong, S. (2014). Is Sustainable Luxury Fashion Possible? In M. A. Gardetti & A. L. Torres (Eds.), Sustainable Luxury: Managing Social and Environmental Performance in Iconic Brands: 12-27. Sheffield Greenleaf Publishing.

Work in progress

Seong, S. The Pre-history of a New Market Space: Through the Lens of Crowd’s Hidden Meaning Structure of Associations. Working Paper, targeted for Academy of Management Review. 

Askin, N., Seong, S., & Szulanski, G. A Theory of Strategy Making: The Micro-dynamics of Balance and the Songwriting Process. Working Paper, targeted for Administrative Science Quarterly.

Seong, S. All that Rhythm of Entrepreneurial Storytelling: At the Nexus of Emergent vs. Gatekeeping Arenas. Working Paper.

Seong, S. Winning the Crowd’s Collective Mind and Memory: In Pursuit of Nascent Market Legitimacy. Working Paper.

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